Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 8

July 18, 2012

Today I managed to hurt Denise's foot being a total klutz! I feel horrible about it. If you're reading this Denies, I am REALLY sorry!!! 

Here's how it happened.... 
It all started this morning, as the First Annual Intern "Derezzing" Competition began (a game of "assassin"-played with nerf guns. Everyone has a target they have to shoot). Denise and I were going to watch Bethany get derezzed (serving her right for getting me!) when I lost my balance, and knocked one of those heating vent thingies over onto her toe... which proceeded to bleed quite a lot. I then ran around to find somebody with a first aid kit, and then suddenly there were people from RIT security or something and an ambulance there. 

In other, not nearly as exciting news, I had yet MORE fun with IDL today. Basically, I was trying to make a picture of the center of galaxy NGC1386, which my group has been studying. Then I had to find the average systemic velocity of that region. 

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